Find out everything you need to know about the Puente de la Amistad Bridge cut and lose your fear! Visit us without complications...

Regular vehicles will have 3 new routes:

- By Naranjo Ferrry ( Please note that the Paquera Ferry (previously proposed as an alternative route), will be disabled for approximately 2 months due to a collision on April 9, so the Naranjo Ferry will now operate 24 hours a day.

- Through Liberia, both by traditional route passing in front of the airport (implementation of changes to speed up its transit such as coordination of traffic lights, etc.), as well as taking advantage of the entrances through UNA or EL CAPULÍN to avoid the busiest area.

- Route 922 through the private property of the El Viejo, a mostly gravel road will be opened but will be LIMITED, opening from April 8 during the dry season, recommended only for light vehicles.

Buses must also adapt their route

- TIG (Transporte Inteligente Guanacaste) will have the same schedules diverting its route through Liberia (announcing that 45 more minutes will be added to the traditional travel time, total about 7hs), when purchasing the ticket you must select Route "through Liberia TEMPORARY".

- ALFARO LIMITADA for its Route 1501, San José – Bolsón and vice versa will use the Playa Naranjo Ferry

- GUANACASTEC TRANSPORTS RYOZUMO will temporarily change its starting point, leaving now from the community of Loma Bonita de Quebrada Honda, crossing through Ferry de Paquera.

(The Bridge will be closed until July 24th approximately, Apps like WAZE and GoogleMaps recognize alternate routes)