Sustainable Policies

In the Legend Hotel we have as main objective to maintain a balance
between the environment; social, economic, cultural and environmental,
always engaged in constant vigilance to not allow
no alteration or damage that damages the role between the environments.
The Legend Hotel is committed to:
• Provide training to employees on good
sustainable practices, to reinforce the commitment to maintenance
and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.
• Transmit a sustainable culture to our collaborators
on the rational use of natural resources.
• Provide our customers with information related to our
principles and management that we perform on sustainable development
inside and outside the Hotel.
• Do not encourage artificial eaters, hunting, ex􀂥􀂢action of flora and fauna,
sexual or child exploitation, or the sale of products or artifacts
of the country's cultural heritage.
• Make purchases or supplies that are friendly materials
with the environment.